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After a successful, socially-distant sailing program in 2020, we hope to be back to our regular sailing instruction programming for our 25th Anniversary Season in 2021! 

Check back in late spring for more details and join our mailing list (see bottom of page) to stay in touch over the winter months. 


Each summer, the BTB instructors select one person as the “Sailor of the Summer.” The award recognises a sailor whose dedication, growth in confidence, and improvement in sailing skills set them apart. The winner’s name is engraved on the Indian Head Bowl, the gift of Nigel and Judy MacEwan, and the winner retains the bowl until the end of the following season.

Throughout each season, the Dudley Awards are presented to individuals who have distinguished themselves in some fashion. The awards recognise both the serious accomplishments of individual sailors, and some of the more frivolous.

2019 Awards

Sailor of the Summer
Ginger Anderson-Willis

Most Versatile Sailor
Tobey Conover

Favorite Sailing Couple
Jamie & Catherine Paul

The Triple Threat
Jack Kayser

World Class Navigator
Mickayla Kayser

Willing to Try Everything with Panache
Eoin Kehoe


The Fab-est Rab in All Types of Sailing and Attitude
Robert Conover

Dinghy Disasters
Sammy Conover

Showing Bravery and Exhausting the First-Aid Kit
Skye Lindelof

Kicking Transom TYC v BTB
Caroline Siekman

Finishing Second on His First Day as Skipper
Harper Conover


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2018 Awards

Personal Improvement as a Sailor
Susan Hewlett

Rapid and Confident Progression through Early Classes Award
Skye Lindelof

Self-crowned “King Bailer”
Harper Conover

Laser Mastery in the Fog
Ava Gardner

“Clumsy is the New Graceful” Award
Olivia Reeves

Discovering the “Joy of a Flying Laser” Award
Ginger Anderson-Willis

Lightest Sailor Able to Right a Capsized Laser
Rory Magnay

Volunteer Extraordinaire
Ken Smith


2019     Ginger Anderson-Willis
2018     Debbie Techentin
2017     Hendrix Lovett
2016     Sophie Lau
2015     Rylee Sienkiewicz
2014     Emily Lau
2013     Ryan Murphy
2012     EvaMarie Olson
2011     Annika Rogers
2010    Haven Berg
2009    Sierra Roy
2008    Charlie Cilley
2007    Michelle R. Reidy
2006    Jack Hauprich
2005    Catherine Paul
2004    Emilie McNeil
2003    Esthena Barlow
2002    Silas Babbidge
2001    Emily Thomas
2000   Debbie Techentin
1999    Diana Roberts
1998    Stephen Bradley
1997    Natalie Oldham